Scalp Micropigmentation is a form of cosmetic tattooing that emulates the appearance of hair regrowth, or "stubble". Very fine marks are made on the scalp where there has been hair loss.

After a series of (most often) 3-4 treatments, the client is left with a clean shaven look.

In addition to traditional "SMP", Skin Oasis also offers Density treatments for thinning hair.

This is a non-surgical, affordable alternative to traditional hair restoration methods.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a careful balance of clinical precision and artistic talent.

How does it work? Simply put, SMP is the process of placing tiny deposits of pigment within the upper dermis of the skin. In reality the process is much more advanced than it sounds with pigment selection, needle size, penetration depth, penetration angle and clustering of deposits all playing a part towards the final result. Hair Replication will result in the appearance of a recently shaven head, or “stubble”, while Density Treatment is used to decrease the contrast between your scalp color and hair color, giving an illusion of fullness. Hair Density treatment is a great solution for both men AND women, and is a permanent solution to topical products like Toppik and DermMatch.


Both services are performed under topical anesthetic, in-office and have little to no downtime!


Molly Bower trained at Vancouver Paramedical Clinic in Vancouver British Columbia in 2015. She was the first person to offer scalp micropigmentation in the Columbus area at ROXY Plastic Surgery in Powell Ohio. Prior to her scalp micropigmentation training - Molly has been trained in traditional permanent makeup, areola re-pigmentation and microblading.


Who is scalp micropigmentation suitable for?

Any man who is losing their hair regardless of age, ethnicity or the extent of their hair loss, can have scalp micropigmentation. We’ve treated men from every continent, of a huge range of nationalities. Our youngest client is 15 years old, our oldest is 83. If you are receding at the front, balding at the crown, thinning all over or even completely bald, SMP can work for you.

The SMP technique can also be used by women.

Alopecia and scars

This is also the ideal solution for men with alopecia areata, alopecia totalis or universalis, or those with traction alopecia. We have saved many individuals from the stress and anxiety of alopecia, and although SMP is not a cure, the symptoms become invisible so it doesn’t have to be an issue any more.

Pigment fading between sessions, and in the 2-3 months after your final session, is normal and expected. This fading process enables your frontal hairline to soften and your dots to shrink, resulting in a natural-looking head of ‘hair’. When applied by a skilled clinician no-one will know unless you choose to tell them. The results really are that realistic.

Does it really look like hair?

Our mission is to create for you an illusion of real hair that is so realistic, no-one will ever know its not real. Each individual follicle is replicated to create the exact same look as if you had a full head of shaven hair, no matter how closely your head is scrutinized. You really can have SMP and put hair loss behind you for good.

What about maintenance?

There are four aspects to maintaining your new look, as follows:

  • Keep your hair shaved. Some of our clients use clippers on a zero guard, some use an electric face shaver and others wet shave. Those using clippers will probably need to shave every day, those using a shaver perhaps every 1-2 days whilst wet shavers can usually get away with every 2-3 days.

  • Moisturize daily. This is to ensure your scalp remains in a good condition.

  • Use sunscreen when exposed to strong UV rays for an extended period of time.

  • You will probably need a short refresher session every 4-6 years to add fresh pigment and keep your style looking at its best.


What is the cost of treatment?

Cost varies by treatment, but for SMP expect somewhere between $1500-$3000. For density treatment, expect $500- $2,000.  Free Consultations are included, please visit our online booking.