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Back Massage



Amanda Sonk, LMT and Kendra Lawless, LMT are now offering a range of massage therapies at Skin Oasis

PRICING: Ranges from $75 - $130

Myofascial Release (MFR)- Fascia is simply connective tissue. It covers and surrounds every muscle, bone, artery, vein as well as our organs. It Is a continuum that exists from head to toe. Fascia plays an important part in our everyday function. A MFR massage releases tightness associated with adhesions in the fascia allowing for more flexibility and mobility. It is a gentle, yet highly effective technique to treat pain and dysfunction. A full body assessment is given with recommendations and stretches at the end of the massage.


Deep Tissue/ Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)- Pain relieving; involves site specific massage, including deep pressure to tender areas caused by tight muscles. It concentrates on fascia to release tension in muscle fibers. Great for relief of any pain associated with muscle tension.


Facelift Massage- This helps relieve acne, facial appearance, circulation, sinus pain, headaches, wrinkles, sagging skin, relieves anxiety and may help with insomnia


Pregnancy Massage- tailored to meet the needs of the expectant mother to treat tight muscles, sciatic pain, general relaxation, and overall wellness. Massage style is typically Swedish, but can be customized.


Swedish Massage- Relaxing, de-stressing; treatment consists of long, smooth strokes, circulation movement and kneading of the muscles. It is generally the most widely requested type of massage. Swedish Massage is great for circulation, relaxation, decreased muscle tension and improved function.


90- Minute Massage- Customizable to your specific needs. It can be a combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage for the extra time that you may need in specific areas.

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